Welcome to the Altman-Hall March Madness Pool

Hello again sports fans. It's time for the next installment of Altman-Hall's client appreciation basketball pool. This time it's March Madness and the NCAA college basketball tournament. Much like our football pool this past fall, the basketball pool is FREE and anyone within your organization (our extended client family) is welcome to play.

Actions Required:

  • Registration is open now.
  • Complete your 2 brackets between March 18th and March 21st

We will only be accepting company emails from the registrants. Please register using your company email (ie: @altman-hall.com) rather than a private account (ie: @gmail.com, @hotmail.com, @aol.com, etc.)

Like the last few years, for the first round you will receive the same points as the team's seed. For example, if you choose a #12 seed to upset a #5 seed team, you would receive 12 points for that game if they win. Those who choose the #5 seed would receive 5 points for a win. This scoring system encourages you to choose underdogs and rewards you when they win.

As for rewards, we've decided to pay the top 10 finishers in the pool, as follows:

• 1st place $200
• 2nd place $100
• 3rd place $75
• 4th place $50
• 5th place $25
• 6-10 places $20

Who's eligible
All Altman-Hall clients and their employees. Please feel free to invite anyone in your organization that you think would enjoy playing. The more the merrier! Registrants not meeting eligibility requirements will be removed without notice.